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M32300D HP/KW: 30 / 22 Series: MC3000 Type: Drive

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ACTech-Lenze M32300D

Many fixed-rate motor load programs which can be provided direct from AC line power can conserve energy when they can be operated by means of VFD at varying rate. Such energy cost savings are particularly pronounced in variable-torque centrifugal fan and pump applications, where the torque and electricity of the load change with the square and block of the rate. This change provides big power decrease in comparison with fixed-rate process for a comparatively modest lowering of rate. At 63% rate, for instance a motor load uses up just 25% of its full speed electricity. This decrease is in accordance with affine laws that define the association between various centrifugal load variants.

Just about 3% of the total installed base of AC motors are given AC drives.[33] Nevertheless, it's estimated that drive technology is embraced in as numerous as 30-40% of all recently installed motors.
Fixed-rate loads issue the motor to to current spikes which are up to eight times and a high starting torque the full-load current.

Variable-speed drives can also run a motor in designs that are specialized to minimize electrical and mechanical stress. For instance, an S-curve pattern can be applied for smoother deceleration and acceleration management, which reduces the backlash that can happen when a conveyor is accelerating or decelerating to a conveyor use.

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