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The P1641100 accepts either a 0 to 10 VDC or 0/4 to 20 mA DC input signal. The controller can provide an accurate output control signal (time proportional or DC Analog Output) to maintain a process at a setpoint value. Dual 4-digit displays allow viewing of the process and setpoint simultaneously. Front panel indicators inform the operator of the controller and output status. The comprehensive programming allows these controllers to meet a wide variety of application requirements.

The controller operates in the PID Control Mode for both heating and cooling, with on-demand auto-tune, that establishes the tuning constants. The PID tuning constants may be fine-tuned through the front panel and then locked out from further modification. The controller employs a unique overshoot suppression feature, that allows the quickest response without excessive overshoot. Switching to Manual Mode provides the operator direct control of the output. The controller may also be programmed to operate in On/Off mode with adjustable hysteresis.

Alarm(s) can be configured independently for absolute high or low acting with balanced or unbalanced hysteresis. They can also be configured for deviation and band alarm. In these modes, the alarm trigger values track the setpoint value. Adjustable alarm trip delays can be used for delaying output response. The alarms can be programmed for Automatic or Latching operation. A selectable standby feature suppresses the alarm during power-up until the temperature stabilizes outside the alarm region.

The DC Analog Output (10 V or 20 mA) can be configured and scaled for control or re-transmission purposes. The programmable output update time reduces valve or actuator activity.

The controller is constructed of a lightweight, high impact, black plastic textured case and bezel with a clear display window. The front panel meets NEMA 4X/IP65 specifications when properly installed. In applications that do not require protection to NEMA 4X, multiple controllers can be stacked horizontally or vertically. Modern surface-mount technology, extensive testing, plus high immunity to noise interference makes the controller extremely reliable in industrial environments.

  • PID Control with Reduced Overshoot
  • Accepts 0-10V and 0/4-20mA Signals
  • 85 to 250 VAC Input Power
  • On Demand Auto-Tuning of PID Settings
  • DC Analog Output
  • PC or Front Panel Programming
  • Dual Alarms
ENC11000 ENC11 NEMA 4/IP65 1/16 DIN Enclosure
ENC11A00 ENC11A NEMA 4X/IP65 Enclosure for one 1/16 DIN Meter
ENC11B00 ENC11B NEMA 4X/IP65 Enclosure for two 1/16 DIN Meter
ENC30000 ENC3 Legend/Libra/C48/P48/P16/T16/T48/PXV Enclosure NEMA 1
BMK30000 BMK3 Base Mount Kit for Legend Libra, T16, P16, T48, P48, C48 and PXU
PMK3C000 PMK3C C48, T48, P16, T16 and PXU Mounting Panel
PMK60000 PMK6 Panel Mount Adapter Kit (1/8 DIN to 1/16 DIN)
PMK70000 PMK7 Panel Mount Adapter Kit (1/4 DIN to 1/16 DIN)
PMKCC100 PMKCC1 50 x 50 mm Panel Mount 3 Piece Kit for C48, T48 and PXU
PMKCC200 PMKCC2 72 x 72 mm Panel Mount 3 Piece Kit for C48, T48 and PXU
PMKCC300 PMKCC3 60 x 75 mm Panel Mount 2 Piece Kit for C48, T48 and PXU
PNL3F000 PNL3F Panel for 1/16 DIN Units
PNL3G000 PNL3G Panel for 1/16 DIN Units with Keylock
TP16KIT1 Programming Kit with Programming Cable Software & 115 VAC Power Supply
TP16KIT2 Programming Kit (Programming Cable & Software) without Power Supply

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