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VCR-6-1/2 Smith-Trax Idler Roller V-Grooved Stud Type

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  • Weight: 25.5 lb

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Additional Description

(D) Outside Roller O.D. 6.500
(B) Roller Width 3
(A) Stud Dia. 2.000
(M) Stud Length 4-1/2
Radial Basic Dynamic Rating (lbs) 500 hrs. 33 rpm. 35,800
Max. Static Capacity (lbs) 40,000
(G) Center of V-Groove 1-1/2
SMITH Bearing Number VCR-6-1/2
(H) Hex Size 5/8
(V) Point Diameter 5.000
Dynamic Thrust Load Rating (lbs) 500 hrs. 33 rpm. 13,300
Bearing Type TRB
(A) Stud Dia. Tolerance +.001/-.000
(S) Eff. Thread Min. 2-1/2
(T) Thread U.N.F. Class 2A 2-12
(C) Shoulder Length 0.062
(R) Shoulder Width Or End Plate Diameter 3-1/4



Roller Width 3
Hex Size 5/8
Eff. Thread Min. 2-1/2
Shoulder Length 0.062
Radial Basic Dynamic Rating (lbs) 500 hrs. 33 rpm. 35,800
Stud Dia. 2.000
Shoulder Width Or End Plate Diameter 3-1/4
Thread U.N.F. Class 2A 2-12
Dynamic Thrust Load Rating (lbs) 500 hrs. 33 rpm. 13,300
Point Diameter 5.000
Max. Static Capacity (lbs) 40,000
Bearing Type TRB
SMITH Bearing Number VCR-6-1/2
Outside Roller O.D. 6.500
Stud Dia. Tolerance +.001/-.000
Center of V-Groove 1-1/2
Stud Length 4-1/2

Return policy

Disclaimer: The return policy information shown below is merely a copy of the text as stated in IDC-USA's Annual Return Policy.


ANNUAL RETURN POLICY PURPOSE: The purpose of IDC-USA’s Annual Return Policy is to allow IDC Distributors the opportunity to return salable stock merchandise of current design that may not have adequate “turns” and replace it with faster moving product.

ACCEPTANCE: IDC Owner-Distributors shall submit a return list to IDC-USA with all pertinent information as follows:

a. Product brand name

b. Quantity

c. IDC-USA’s product identification number

d. Corresponding distributor’s P.O. number or invoice number Acceptance of return shall be subject to IDC-USA inventory levels and manufacturer’s restrictions.

AUTHORIZATION: The return shall be audited and the IDC Owner-Distributor will receive an approved return list with a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number assigned to it. RETURN DATE: Each owner-distributor shall be assigned a month during which they shall be entitled to make a single annual return.

Product Qualification: All products returned must be:

a. On the current price list

b. In good resale condition

c. In the original packaging

d. Purchased from IDC-USA within 3 years of the return

e. Stock items only; no special order items

f. Only those items which have been approved

VALUE: The IDC Owner-Distributor shall receive a credit not to exceed 5% of the owner-distributor’s prior year annual purchases from the IDC Distribution Center. Credit received shall be the actual purchase price or price in effect at the time of the return, whichever is lowest, less applicable restocking charges. Additionally, all annual returns must have a minimum return value of $100.

RESTOCKING CHARGES: There will be a 15% restocking fee unless return is offset by a noncancelable order of equal value to be placed at the time of return. All items received that are not in their original box shall be subject to an additional 15% repackaging fee.

FREIGHT: Returns will be made freight prepaid by the IDC Owner-Distributor to the IDC Distribution Center. The packing slip and all cartons must reference the RMA number. The owner-distributor will be notified of any items received that do not qualify as set forth above. Those items will not be credited and shall be scrapped unless the IDC Owner-Distributor directs otherwise and assumes any additional transportation charges.


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