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Description: Left-handed weldable tube rod end bearings are rod ends featuring a “welding shank”, or a shank that can be welded to another component; Left-handed means they feature a left-handed thread, or a thread that installs in a counter-clockwise direction. Left-hand threads are only used in certain applications where a right-hand thread would be inappropriate. Ask our experts about what type of threading is needed for your application. Rod end bearings comprise an eye-shaped head with integral shank, forming a spherical plain bearing housing unit; they are commonly used in applications where an articulating joint is required, such as aircraft control systems, steering links, and track rollers. Some rod ends may include the bearing, or just the inner ring with or without a sliding layer between the head and the ring. Rod end bearings are usually available in two series: inch dimensions and metric dimensions. Weldable tube ends are designed for specific applications, typically when the rod end needs to be attached to the end of a piston rod or the base of a hydraulic cylinder. Material combinations for the sliding contact surface of the rod end include steel-on-steel, steel-on-bronze, and steel-on-PTFE fabric or composite material. Steel-on-steel and steel-on-bronze rod ends require regular re-lubrication, however they are wear-resistant and perform well under lubricant starvation conditions. Steel types include low carbon, heat treated alloy and stainless steel. They are highly suitable for applications with heavy alternating loads. Rod ends featuring PTFE are no maintenance bearings and do not require lubrication; this offers extended operating life, and is suitable for applications with heavy loads in a constant direction. MRO Supply offers a grand selection of weldable tube end bearings to suit a variety of applications.
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