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Transmission Chain, Class L bearing guides, and Bearing Suffixes - Questions first week April 2020

Where to pay attention to when ordering transmission chain?

When ordering transmission chain, it is usual to list the chain pitch, chain type, number of chain pitches and overall length. For complex chains/ends a drawing would be provided from an industrial customer to confirm type to supplier. It is a little confusing to select a chain with specific ends in a verbal manner.

Tech services would be better suited to help here and would need to refer to a drawing.


What is a Class L bearing guide shaft?

A Class L bearing guide shaft (class L refers to the diameter tolerance on the shaft and may be specific to this manufacturer since shaft diameters are usually referenced by their actual size and tolerance).

Tech support should be able to solve this.


What are bearing suffixes?

Bearing suffixes are generally universal, (although some manufacturers may apply suffixes specific to them or one of their bearings. It is best to check with the particular manufacturer’s reference to be certain). I could compile a list of bearing suffixes for call agents if required. C3 is the radial clearance within the bearing. E suffix denotes increased load capacity for the bearing. This means if this bearing is replaced with a standard bearing, it will not last as long in service, (the difference in life span would be drastically reduced).

8 or 10 balls would make a difference to a bearing, we would need to check the specification from manufacturers data sheet for the two types.