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  • BRAND: LoveJoy
  • SKU: 1794873
  • MODEL: 69790498013

SLD 900 MM 44 #

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Additional Description

  • Self-centering
  • Exceptional concentricity 
  • Suitable/recommended for hollow shafts
  • Axial hub position fixed during clamping
  • Metric shafts 14 mm to 240 mm  
  • Larger sizes on request
  • 22 - 118,010 ft-lb
Description SLD 900 MM 44
Coupling SizeSLD900
Collar MaterialSilver/Metallic
Weight1.32 lb
# of Locking Screws7
Locking Screws SizeM6
Screw TypeHex Head Bolt
Screw MaterialSteel
StyleSelf Centering
ApplicationExternal Shaft Locking Device
Dimensional Data
Hub Outside Diameter (Dimension d)44.00 mm1.732 in
Tolerance of Hub Outside Diameter (T3)+0 - 0.0015 in
Shaft Size44.00 mm
Shaft Locking Device Outside Diameter (Dimension D)80.00 mm3.150 in
Thrust Rings Width at Relaxed State (Dimension B)25.00 mm0.984 in
Contact Length (Dimension l)20.00 mm0.787 in
Locking Screw Size (Dimension T)M6
Shaft Diameter (Dimension ds)1.250 in
Gap Width at Relaxed State (Dimension e)0.098 in
Max. Diametrical Clearance (Dimension C)0.001 in
Total Thrust Rings Width at Relaxed State (Dimension L)1.142 in29.00 mm
Disc Outside Diameter (Dimension D)80.01 mm3.150 in
Cubic inches14.33535 in³364.11798 mm³
Performance Data
Max. Transmissible Torque (at low end of shaft diameter range)465.00 ft·lb
Max. Transmissible Torque (min to max shaft diameter)465 to 719 ft·lb
Screw Tightening Torque9.00 ft·lb
  • No Backlash due to fit tolerances
  • No impact effect from reversing loads
  • Ability to adjust axial position and angular timing
  • No fretting corrosion due to movement at the fit interface


Width 0.984 in
OD 1.732 in

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