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B0301 B-LOC Shrink Disc 30-10

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The B-LOC SD10 Series 30-10 Shrink Disc is an external locking device that provides a high capacity, zero-backlash shaft to hub on shafts ranging from 3/4” to 0.967” in diameter by means of a mechanical interference fit and transmits between 177 ft lbs and 407 ft lbs of torque depending on the specific shaft size.

Best Suited For: Applications needing to connect a hollow shaft over a solid shaft. Commonly used on hollow output shaft gear boxes or flange couplings.

B-LOC SD10 Series 30-10 Shrink Discs are external locking devices that provide a zero-backlash frictional connection that will never wear or pound out and can accommodate high-torque, thrust, bending, and/or radial loads. The SD10 Series Shrink Discs are also extremely concentric and maintain a well-balanced mechanical interference fit. There is no axial movement during installation of this product.

• Extremely concentric and well-balanced mechanical interference fit
• No axial movement during installation

Features of Fenner Drives Keyless Bushings:

• Ability to transmit high torques
• True zero-backlash
• Less equipment downtime
• Ability to mount over existing keyways
• Complete axial and radial adjustability
• Simple installation, adjustment and removal

All Fenner Drives keyless locking devices operate using the simple wedge principle. An axial force is applied- by either a hex nut (Trantorque) or a series of annular screws (B-LOC)- to engage circular steel rings with mating tapers. The resulting wedge action creates a radial force on the tapered rings, one of which contracts to squeeze the shaft while the other expands and presses into the component bore.

Series: SD
Axial Movement: No
Installation Torque: 3.6 ft lb
Internal/ External: External
Material: Zinc Chromate/Chrome Plated Steel
Metric/Inch: Inch
Releasing/ Locking: Releasing
Screw Size: M5 x 18
Self-Centering: Yes
Shaft Diameter: .750-.967
Taper: Double
Torque Max: 407
Torque Min: 177

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