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Description: The PIV Chain, also known as Positively Infinitely Variable Chain, is made from the most elegant metal, steel, using modern-day technology. It is a highly reliable product that is both economical to use and lasts a long time. Besides, the chain has a compact design that makes it sturdy and capable of withstanding friction and tension from moving equipment. The installation of the product does not involve a complicated process. It consists of thin, flexible plates that move independently, causing the PIV Chain to mesh with gearbox grooves. From this movement, machine operators can attain the desired speed and torque capacity. Also, the high precision used in its manufacture ensures that the industrial plants where it is in use operate at high levels of efficiency. The PIV Chain is widely used in textile, steel rolling, and mining plants. As it is a roller chain, it keeps industrial transmission gearboxes in production lines, line packaging equipment, and printing presses running. MRO Supply stocks a wide assortment of manufacturers and suppliers of PIV Chain. Our comprehensive range of Positively Infinitely Variable Chains and other types of chains offers you a great selection range to get the perfect tool for each task.
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