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Description: Clamps and strapping are mainly used for field assembly of materials such as industrial hoses and poles. The clamps are also preferred when one needs to temporary enjoin two items for a short time or awaiting major repairs. For example, if you notice some loose pipes or cables, it is advisable to clamp them. The main categories of clamps and strapping include: 1. The standard stainless steel buckles: These buckles are designed with stainless steel for extra strength even when used to bind heavy materials or others under vibration. 2. Stainless steel strap: Just like the buckles, the straps are manufactured using stainless steel for extra strength. Because the straps are longer, they are better for holding wider beams and equipment that require additional support. It is important to ensure that the item being secured is fastened properly using the strap for added stability. 3. The strapping tool: If you need to use steel strapping, you will need a strapping tool. The tool is engineered for most strapping applications both at home and in industrial applications. The tool is preferred because it is easy to use and guarantees optimal safety when doing strapping tasks or maintenance in your facility. To select the right clamps and strapping, it is important to understand the task at hand. The focus should be on selecting strapping and clamps that can hold most of your materials securely. You should also check the manufacturer and work with the right supplier. The focus should be identifying a manufacturer who is committed to quality and a supplier who does not relent on customer value.