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Description: Spills can either be simple or complicated. Simple spills are small, less hazardous, and easily manageable by simple methods such as neutralizing and absorbing the spill. Complicated spills such as chemical spills are very sensitive. Spills can have both short and long term lasting effects on the environment and human health.Chemical spills may occur when industrial accidents happen during usage, storage, and transport of toxic materials. Spill recovery and mitigation involve the primary methods used to improve safety, prevent, and react to such accidents. When spills occur, a few factors have to be established before taking the necessary steps. These are: identifying the chemical nature of the spill, establishing its corrosive characteristics, place of the spill, its spreading capacity, and method of cleaning up. There are emergency spill kits that act as the first line of defense against a spill accident in the workplace. They contain products like Booms, Pads, Plug and Dike, Waste Disposal Bags FloorSweep, and PPE Kit.Browse our spill recovery and mitigation category to get the right tools for easy clean up. We have a wide assortment of products to make spill recovery an easy task. If you need assistance, talk to an MRO Supply agent for free advice.
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