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Description: Industrial safety regulations require that all workers in a high-risk working environment be issued with complete safety outfits, including hats or caps. Hard hats and bump caps are the most common for industrial and commercial use. Hard hats are a type of helmets that protect workers from head injuries from hazards like the impact from falling objects and debris, electric shock, and rain. They have suspension bands inside that distribute the weight of the helmet and the force of impact on the head. They also distinguish workers with color codes or shapes. Bump caps are lightweight hard hats with simplified padding or suspension and a chin strap. They are applied where there is a possibility of bumping or scraping one's head on structure projections, or equipment. They are not designed to absorb large forces of impact. All hard hats and caps are designed with a durable material such as metal in the past, fiberglass and, most recently, rigid plastics.Get the best selection of hats and caps at MRO Supply. We stock a wide variety of caps and hats in a range of designs, colors and styles to fit any setting.
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