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Description: There are several types of personal protective equipment or PPE for the upper body like protective jackets and coats. Jackets and coats are worn by individuals in various professions including welders, motorcycle riders, chainsaw operators.Football and hockey players wear gear to protect themselves from impact with other players and prevent bruises, cuts, and breakage of bones. Motorcycle riders also use protective clothing and helmets to protect themselves from impact caused by falling off, hitting other motorbike riders and other types of accidents. PPE also protects against debris kicked up by the rear wheel of leading bikes. Protective jackets for motorcyclists are often made of leather or some specialized man-made fabrics such as Kevlar and Cordura. These motorcycle jackets often have heavy padding on the spine, elbow and shoulder regions.Protective jackets and coats can be used in laboratories and hospitals for protection against pathogens. Firefighters wear heat resistant jackets while welders may use jackets that protect them from high heat and metal splatter by the use of thermal insulating and fire-resistant materials.There are many types of protective jackets and coats. Talk to an MRO Supply expert for assistance if you have any trouble finding suitable personal protective gear.
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