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  • BRAND: U.S.Tsubaki
  • SKU: 2305250

US Tsubaki MZEU90E3 Cam-Accessories MZEU90 E3 TORQUE ARM

$1,550.51 Each


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Additional Description


A (Overall Width)6.220 in
Ac7.559 in
B (Overall Height)9.055 in
Drag Torque2.773 lb·ft
F4.724 in
Inner Race Keyway25 x 5
L0.079 in
M11.772 in
Max. Overrunning Outer Race150 rpm
Max. Overrunning Shaft550 rpm
Q6.102 in
R8.071 in
S1.969 in
T1.575 in
Torque Capacity8850.7 lb·ft
U1.063 in
Weight85.800 lb


Bore 3.543 in

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