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Description: A fluid clutch is a type of coupling used for power transmission from the engine to a driven shaft. It is also referred to as fluid coupling. Fluid coupling uses acceleration or deceleration of a fluid based on hydrokinetic principles. The fluid clutch comprises of three parts: 1) The driving shaft (call it the input shaft). This shaft is also known as an impeller and is shaped like a fan. 2) The driven shaft (the output shaft). This shaft connects to the machine being driven. In the fluid clutch, this part is shaped like a fan, acts as the turbine, and is known as a runner. 3) The casing. This part bolts to the impeller that encloses the runner. It is used to provide an oil-tight reservoir. The main advantage of using a fluid clutch is that power transmission does not have vibrations and noises. This is why it has become one of the most preferred forms of transmission in many industrial devices and automotive operations. To see the available fluid clutches and pick your preferred option, make sure to visit our page.
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