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Description: In mechanical engineering, one of the most important components is the flywheel. The flywheel is also referred to as the overrunning clutch. It is a device used to disengage the driveshaft when the driven shaft starts rotating at a faster speed. Think of a bicycle. When you stop pedaling, the bicycle continues moving but the pedals are free. An overrunning clutch comprises of two discs (with saw-like teeth) with springs. The discs press against each other so that the teeth create a type of ratchet. Then, moving together, the teeth lock with the driven disc to ensure it rotates in the same direction at the same speed. When the drive disc speed decreases, the driven disc’s teeth slip over and start producing a unique clicking sound. The overrunning clutch operates like an automated clutch that makes it possible to shift gears in manual gearboxes without pressing the clutch pedal. Besides, it also provides better fuel economy and less wear on your system clutch. However, it can result in more wearing on the brakes. To see the full list of overrunning clutches, make sure to visit our page.
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