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Description: Conveyor systems are assemblies used for transporting materials with minimal effort. The conveyors are mainly designed with a mainframe that supports a network of rollers, belts, or wheels. The system may be manual, gravity, or motor powered. The systems come in varying types depending on the materials being moved. When selecting a conveyor system, it is important to be specific about the loading capacity. The main goal should be to understand the optimal load capacity that the system can hold. You also need to know the rated speed. This will determine the rate of evacuating the materials being moved using your system. The main types of conveyors systems include roller conveyors, bucket conveyors, belt conveyors, salt conveyors, chute conveyors, ball transfer conveyors, vibrating conveyors, walking beam conveyors, and vacuum conveyors. To see the full list of conveyor systems in our catalog and select the preferred model for your system, make sure to visit our page.
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