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Description: When designing couplings, components used to connect two shafts to transmit power, one of the main issues was how to make them corrosion-resistant and flexible. One of the solutions is electrodeposited nickel. Electrodeposited nickel is a thin layer of nickel that is added to couplings through nickel electroplating. It helps to make the couplings water-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and handle some level of misalignment. They also have higher rotational inertia, service life, backlash levels, and flexibility compared to standard couplings.The process of nickel electroplating involves cleaning the couplings through heating and masking before immersing them in a nickel electrolyte solution that serves as the cathode. Then, nickel anode is dissolved to form the nickel ions that are deposited on the couplings. Couplings with electrodeposited nickel are common in many industrial and commercial applications such as fractional-horsepower applications and instrumentation. To see our full list of couplings and collars with electrodeposited nickel, make sure to visit our website
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