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Description: Disc coupling is one of the common types of flexible couplings that are used for high-performance motion control applications. The couplings transmit torque tangentially from the driving to the driven bolt. There are two types of disc coupling; the single disc and double disc clamp style. The difference between the two styles, that defines their flexibility, is the deformation of material between the driving and driven bolts.In the case of double disc clamp style, the coupling is designed of two hubs (just like the single disc clamp style), but it features additional spacers between the two springs. The spacer can be designed with the same materials as the hub or electrically isolating materials. When the double disc clamp style is used in an application, it allows the two discs to bend in a different direction. These discs are fitted to the hubs using tight pins that prevent backlash. They can also bend easily to allow some degree of misalignment.
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