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Description: Non-contact magnetic couplings are types of shaft couplings that use magnetic field to transmit torque from one shaft to another. They are non-contact couplings that rely on attraction and repulsion forces of magnetic poles to transfer rotational power without mechanical connections.Non-contact magnetic couplings provide softer start and stop compared to the standard couplings with mechanical connections. Therefore, they are considered useful as toque limiting devices. Besides, they can also be used in rotary or linear configurations and even in harsh environments such as wet conditions. Other benefits include: 1) The non-contact magnetic coupling provides high flexibility. 2) They are very effective in absorbing impact and vibrations. 3) Adjusting the optimum transmittable torque is very easy. You simply vary the distance between the two hubs.Some of the common applications that use non-contact magnetic couplings include pumps, assembly systems, and compressors. To see the full list of non-contact magnetic coupling and place your order, make sure to visit our site.
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