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Description: Shaft collars are mechanical devices used for stopping and locating components such as bearings and sheaves. The two main types of shaft collars are the 2 piece bolt and 1 piece split design. In the case of 2 piece bolt model, the user enjoys all the benefits of the 1 piece split model plus enhanced versatility. The 2 piece bolt provides greater holding power from the full seating of the screws . This means that the gripping force is applied evenly on the circumference of the shaft. To make it more effective, the bolts are designed to run in an opposing direction. Like other shaft collars, the 2 piece bolt shaft models are designed with hardened metals especially black-oxide steel. This is used to reduce corrosion. However, the sizes of the 2 piece bolt collars can vary depending on the targeted shaft. To see the full range of 2 piece bolt collars and pick your preferred option, make sure to visit our page.
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