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EC050 BEAM 3/16X1/8

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Additional Description

    The Beam flexible coupling is formed from one piece of aluminum rod. A spiral slot is cut through the length of the aluminum tube forming a “spring” center section referred to as a helical coil or beam. The flexure allowed by the beam portion of the coupling is capable of accommodating angular, parallel and axial misalignment while continuing to convey power between the attached shafts. This results in a single piece, true flexible coupling. The Miniature Beam coupling is designed for very light power transmission applications where accurate positioning of shafts is an essential requirement. It also has a very high tolerance to heat, chemicals, and corrosion that would be harmful to conventional elastomeric flexible couplings. The Miniature Beam coupling design is very well suited for small shaft applications and the inherent requirements of start/stop/reverse applications where zero backlash and extreme positioning accuracy are important. This coupling operates either clockwise or counter clockwise without sacrificing windup or torque capabilities.
Description EC050 BEAM 3/16X1/8
Coupling SizeEC050
TypeSingle Beam Coupling
MaterialAnodized Aluminum
StyleClamp Screw
FinishAnodized Aluminum
Weight0.01 oz
Weight (Complete Coupling w/ Min. Bores)0.20 oz
Dimensional Data
Bore A0.188 in
Bore B0.125 in
Size 3/16 in
Overall Length0.748 in19.00 mm
Keyway SizeNo Keyway
Outside Diameter0.512 in13.00 mm
Min. Bore (Dimensions ID1/ID2)0.118 in3.00 mm
Max. Bore (Dimensions ID1/ID2)0.188 in4.77 mm
Length thru Bore0.197 in5.00 mm
Clamp Screw Size1-72
Cubic inches0.19608 in³
Performance Data
Max. Operating Temperature200.00 ºF
Max. Speed10000 rpm
Nominal Torque1.80 in·lb
Max. Angular Misalignment5.00 º
Axial Misalignment± 0.010 in
Parallel Misalignment0.005 in
Moment of Inertia4.1000 lb·in²
Torsional Stiffness42.80 in·lb/rad
  • All-metal coupling
  • Easy to install – one piece
  • High angular misalignment capability to 5°
  • Anodized aluminum finish
  • Zero backlash design
  • Nominal torque, torsional stiffness, weight and moment of inertia are based on minimum bore size.


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