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BRAND: LoveJoy | MODEL: 68514441704 | CONDITION: NEW | SKU: 1798445

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Weight: 0.95 lbs UOM: EA

Additional Description

Technical Specifications

OD 4.340 in



  • Lovejoy offers flexible sleeve for S-Flex coupling in three designs: one-piece solid, one-piece split, and two-piece with retaining ring
  • The one-piece split design provides solutions for applications with unique requirements where small shaft separations inhibit the installation of a one-piece solid sleeve
  • Pre-molded teeth along the diameter of the sleeve engage with teeth of the coupling flanges
  • No clamps or screws are needed to connect the flanges with the flexible sleeve which securely lock together under torque for smooth transmission of power
  • Torque is transmitted through shear loading of the sleeve
  • All three sleeve materials are highly elastic which permits the S-Flex coupling to protect connected equipment from harmful shock loading, vibration, and shaft misalignment
H, HS Sleeve Types
    These sleeves feature both a one-piece solid (H) and two-piece split (HS) design and are molded of Hytrel. The sleeves in Hytrel material are designed to transmit power for high torque applications. Because of the design and the properties of the Hytrel molded sleeve, the H and HS sleeves should not be used as direct replacements for EPDM or Neoprene sleeves, and can only be used with S, TF, or SC flanges.
Description 7HS SLEEVE
Coupling Size7HS
Sleeve TypeHS
TypeSleeves for S-Flex Couplings
Connection Type A x BCoupling Sleeve
Weight0.95 lb
Nominal Torque2875 in·lb324.83 N·m
Dimensional Data
Min. Bore0.625 in
Max. Bore1.625 in
Length (Dimension G)1.000 in25.40 mm
Outside Diameter4.340 in110.24 mm
Dimension L2.190 in55.63 mm
Cubic inches18.83560 in³
Performance Data
Temperature-65 to 250 ºF-54 to 121 ºC
Max. Speed5250.00 rpm
Angular Misalignment0.25 º
Axial Misalignment0.1250 in
Max. Parallel Misalignment0.035 in
Max. Torsional Wind-Up Angle7.00 º
    Hytrel is a polyester elastomer designed for high torque and high temperature applications and offers excellent resistance to chemical and oil conditions. Color is orange.
  • Operating Hytrel within a high service factor application is not recommended.
  • H and HS Type sleeves are designed for high torque applications, transmitting about 4 times as much power as an equivalent EPDM or Neoprene sleeve.
  • Hytrel sleeves can be used only with S or SC flanges and can not be used with J or B flanges.
  • Hytrel sleeves should not be used as direct replacements for EPDM or Neoprene applications.