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Additional Description

    The Lovejoy Oldham coupling is a precision engineered, torsionally stiff, three-piece coupling suitable for a great many applications ranging from incremental control of fluid valves to highly dynamic drives in closed loop servo systems. It accommodates misalignment mechanically through a floating disc that engages tenons machined out of the hubs. As the coupling rotates, the floating disc aligns with each hub alternately to an extent demanded by the alignment error. Because parallel misalignment is accommodated by lateral displacement, the Lovejoy Oldham coupling can handle severe alignment errors within a short space envelope. This is a valuable feature in densely packaged and blind assemblies, or where misalignment can accelerate the erosion of shaft bearings. The Lovejoy Oldham coupling features raised dots on both sides of the floating disc which act as an effective spacer. The dots keep the face of the tenon from contacting the bottom of the floating disc and allows the coupling greater angular misalignment capability. A very important effect is that the spacer dots will greatly reduce the bending load on the shafts because of the freedom of the floating disc. The MOL Coupling consists of two hubs and one center member.
Description MOL20 HUB 8MM N/KW
Coupling TypeOldham, Three Piece Design w/ Insert
Coupling SizeMOL20
StyleSet Screw
Weight0.02 oz
Weight (Complete Coupling w/ Min. Bores)0.50 oz15.00 g
Dimensional Data
Bore Size8.00 mm
Set Screw SizeM4
Keyway SizeNo Keyway
Length thru Bore0.354 in9.00 mm
Outside Diameter0.787 in20.00 mm
Overall Coupling Length0.906 in23.00 mm
Min. Bore (Dimensions ID1/ID2)0.118 in3.00 mm
Max. Bore (Dimensions ID1/ID2)0.315 in8.00 mm
Cubic inches0.21926 in³
Performance Data
Max. Operating Temperature176.00 ºF80.00 ºC
Nominal Torque10.60 in·lb
Max Speed1900.00 rpm
Angular Misalignment3.00 º
Parallel Misalignment0.600 in
Torsional Stiffness974.00 in·lb/rad
Moment of Inertia0.003 lb·in²
  • High torsional stiffness
  • Maximum temperature 176° F (80° C)
  • Aluminum hubs with a Polyacetal insert
  • Available in setscrew or clamping style hubs
  • Nominal torque, torsional stiffness, weight and moment of inertia are based on minimum bore size.


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