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BRAND: LoveJoy | MODEL: 69790492062 | CONDITION: NEW | SKU: 1800508

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Weight: 4.57 lbs UOM: EA

Additional Description

Technical Specifications

Width 6.500 in
OD 4.410 in



    The DI Type coupling has a “Drop-In” spacer assembly that is assembled at the factory. The coupling consists of two hubs and a spacer assembly comprising of the spacer, two unitized disc packs, and two guard rings. The disc packs are bolted to the spacer and guard rings at the factory using the torque values recommended by Lovejoy for the disc pack bolts. With the hubs mounted on the shafts, the entire disc pack assembly can be “Dropped In” place between the two hubs. The hubs are piloted to ensure proper centering of the spacer assembly. This piloting serves as an anti-flail feature and aids in the coupling’s ability to meet the balance standards mandated by API. This style coupling is designed to meet the balance and anti-flail requirements specified in API-610.Oversized, or Jumbo, hubs are available for use with the DI Type coupling to allow for larger bore sizes on most DI coupling sizes. This allows for the use of smaller DI couplings in applications where a smaller size coupling can still accommodate the application torque.
    Note: Guard Rings are INCLUDED in a sub-assembly, along with two disc pack kits and a spacer. Unless ordered as a replacement part, guard rings are generally not ordered as a stand alone item.
Description DI158-6 GUARD RING
StyleGuard Rings
Coupling SeriesDI-6
Weight4.54 lb
Weight (Complete Coupling w/ Max. Bores)40.00 lb18.00 kg
Dimensional Data
Height6.5 in
Depth1.438 in
Width6.500 in
Cubic inches60.75550 in³
Dimensional Data of Related Coupling
Coupling Size158-6
Length thru Bore2.76 in70.1 mm
Outside Diameter4.410 in112.00 mm
Overall Length11.02 in280 mm
Max. Bore (Dimensions ID)3.13 in80 mm
Flange Diameter (Dimension FD)6.5 in165.00 mm
Dimension PW1.438 in36.53 mm
Dimension S3.120 in79.00 mm
Distance between Shaft Ends (Dimension BSE)5.5 in140.00 mm
Performance Data of Related Coupling
Temperature -40 to 450 ºF
Nominal Torque17700 in·lb2000 N·m
Max. Torque35400 in·lb4000 N·m
Max. Speed (Unbalanced)4920 rpm
Max. Speed (Balanced)12300 rpm
Axial Misalignment (∆ Ka)0.122 in3.1 mm
Max. Angular Misalignment1.50 º
Torsional Stiffness x 1065.8 in·lb/rad0.70 Nm/rad
Rated Power at 100 rpm28.2 hp21 kW