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DI202-6 CPLG 2-1/2X4-3/8 BSE=7

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Additional Description

    The DI Type coupling has a “Drop-In” spacer assembly that is assembled at the factory. The coupling consists of two hubs and a spacer assembly comprising of the spacer, two unitized disc packs, and two guard rings. The disc packs are bolted to the spacer and guard rings at the factory using the torque values recommended by Lovejoy for the disc pack bolts. With the hubs mounted on the shafts, the entire disc pack assembly can be “Dropped In” place between the two hubs. The hubs are piloted to ensure proper centering of the spacer assembly. This piloting serves as an anti-flail feature and aids in the coupling’s ability to meet the balance standards mandated by API. This style coupling is designed to meet the balance and anti-flail requirements specified in API-610.Oversized, or Jumbo, hubs are available for use with the DI Type coupling to allow for larger bore sizes on most DI coupling sizes. This allows for the use of smaller DI couplings in applications where a smaller size coupling can still accommodate the application torque.
    Note: If not a re-order, please call to confirm/verify complete finished bore coupling design prior to ordering.
Description DI202-6 CPLG 2-1/2X4-3/8 BSE=7
Hub StyleStandard
TypeDisc Coupling
Weight104.21 lb
Coupling SeriesDI-6
Coupling TypeDisc
Dimensional Data
Bore Size 2.5 & 4.375 in
Keyway 1 (W x D)5/8 x 5/16 in
Keyway 2 (W x D)1 x 1/2 in
Length thru Bore3.54 in89.92 mm
Dimension FD8.27 in210 mm
Overall Length14.08 in366 mm
Max. Bore (Dimensions ID1/ID2)4.06 in102 mm
Dimension HD5.67 in144 mm
Distance between Shaft Ends (Dimension BSE)7 in177.8 mm
Cubic inches962.97203 in³
Performance Data
Temperature -40 to 450 ºF
Nominal Torque40700 in·lb
Max. Torque81400 in·lb
Max. Speed (Unbalanced)9600 rpm
Max. Speed (Balanced)9600 rpm
Max. Angular Displacement (∆ Ka), n=1500 [1/min]1 º
Axial Misalignment (∆ Ka)0.15 in3.8 mm
Torsional Stiffness x 10613.3 in·lb/rad
Rated Power at 100 rpm64.6 hp48.2 kW
Rated HP at 875 rpm (Standard Motor)64.6 hp
Rated HP at 1,150 rpm (Standard Motor)64.6 hp
Rated HP at 1,750 rpm (Standard Motor)64.6 hp
Rated HP at 3,500 rpm (Standard Motor)64.6 hp
  • Designed to meet the API 610 Standard
  • Support for additional API requirements available on request
  • Unitized disc pack
  • Infinite life if properly aligned
  • Torsionally rigid without any back lash
  • No need for lubrication or maintenance
  • No wearing parts and high resistance to harsh environmental conditions

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