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Description: Today, one of the most important ways of keeping your industrial system, equipment, circuits, installations, and your workers safe is by installing the right circuit protection systems. The best option is using fuses. One of the top fuse options available in the market is the CC fuses. CC fuses are non-renewable types of fuses designed to protect components that are prone to short-time overloads and non-inclusive loads. Most of them have a rating range of between 0-30A and 600VAC. Besides, they are mainly available in DC ratings.Note that all CC fuses have to be labeled Current Limiting. However, they can also have a time delay label. They are considered ideal for small horsepower types of motor circuits. Also, they are recommended for circuits that need small dimensions and time relay types of fuses. If your system used transformers like the CPT model, you should also go for the CC category fuses.
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Ferraz Shawmu TRM1 250V 1A
Brand Ferraz Shawmu
Model TRM-1
$6.50 Each
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