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Description: If you want your circuits and appliances, in both commercial and industrial systems, to operate safely, the simple yet highly effective method is using fuses. G fuses are types of fuses created for use in panelboards of appliances that utilize fusible-switch systems. They are designed as non-renewable cartridges and, therefore, have to be replaced when damaged. Besides, it is important to note that they are mainly designed for applications that use alternating currents.G fuses are rated 0A to 60A and 25A to 60A. In addition, they are designed to meet the 248-5 standard. When you set off looking for G class fuses, remember they are available in four main ferrule sizes: 31A to 60A, 1A to 30A, 16A to 20A and 0A to 15A. Note that G rated fuses are made to be current-limiting. Besides, the fuses can also feature time delay features. However, this is optional. Therefore, it is important to be specific on whether you want the G fuse with a time delay or not when placing an order.
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