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Description: The L-fuses are 600 volt alternating current (AC) limiting electrical accessories. The fuses are designed to help interrupt a minimum of 200,000 amps. The L-fuses are available in both time delay and fast-acting versions. The fuses are designed for bolting into mountings and not common in clips. However, you can also find some L-fuses with additional features meant to make them ideal for multiple applications in industrial and commercial facilities. Some of the common l-fuses include the Bussmann KLU-800 delay fuse and Bussmann KLU-1600 LIMITRON FAST ACTING FUSE that can be applied in various industrial operations. Another common model is the bolt-mount fuse with a minimum delay of five seconds. Some of the applications where L-fuses should be used include the mains, large motors, circuit breakers, DC-rated battery disconnects, heating & general loads and feeders. Visit our online shop to peruse through our high-rated L-fuses that are ideal for your operations.
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