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Description: Military fuses are the devices or parts in military munition, explosives, or pyrotechnic device that initiates ignition/detonation under specific conditions. Military fuses range from simple devices such as firecracker cords to sophisticated devices with mechanical and electrical parts such as anti-handling device, pencil detonator, spring-loaded grenade fuze, proximity fuse, and magnetic or acoustic fuze. Military fuses used in torpedoes are called exploders. Military fuses may be accessorized with primary explosives and explosive boosters for initiating detonation. Military fuze are designed with high functionality precision that collaborates the movement of the attachment munition.In most cases, military fuses are designed with arming devices in series connection and sensing fuzes in parallel connection for destroying targets. Military fuses that are categorized by type of munition include hand grenade fuze, artillery fuze, aerial bomb fuze, naval mine fuze, and landmine fuze. They can also be classified by their activation mechanism into proximity fuze, remote detonators, impact fuze, time fuze, combination fuze, and barometric fuze. MRO Supply is your best bet at getting bins, carts, pallet jacks, bearings, bushings, and other supplies for industries under one roof. Get the best selection of military fuses and accessories at our store. We have shopping assistants to help you with expert advice on the perfect buy for your specific application. Talk to us today.
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