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Description: Liquidtite or liquid-tight conduits are designed to prevent the infiltration of water and to protect cables from corrosion. The ducts feature galvanized steel material with a PVC coating to achieve the two aspects. By using such products, you ensure that electric cords are moisture-free, plus you keep power interruption and uncalled for maintenance at a minimum. You need these conduits in electric installations where the chances of cables encountering moisture are high. By combining the pipe with liquid-tight fittings, you are confident that no moisture can get in the way and tamper with the smooth power supply. Moreover, the pipe features threaded sections on their ends to facilitate connection with fittings. An example of a wet environment where you need a liquidtite conduit is during installation and running of air conditioning units. More so, this product comes in handy in installations that require maneuvering tight angles, are susceptible to vibrations, dust, and liquids.
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