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T113077 Buck-Boost Transformers Single Phase 60 Hz 120 X 240 Primary Volt 16/32 Secondary Volt

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A pulse transformer is a transformer that's optimised for transmitting rectangular electric pulses (that's, pulses with fast rise and fall times and a comparatively constant amplitude). Little variations called signal types are used in telecommunications circuits and digital logic, frequently for fitting logic drivers. Moderate-sized power variations are used in power-control controls flash. Bigger power variations are used in the electrical power distribution business to interface low voltage control circuitry to the high voltage gates of power semiconductors. Unique high voltage pulse transformers can also be used to produce high power pulses for particle accelerators, radar, or other high energy pulsed power programs.

For exactly the same reason, high breakdown voltage and high insulation resistance are needed. Because a pulse with slow borders would create changing losses, an excellent transient response is required to keep the rectangular pulse shape at the secondary.

The merchandise of the peak pulse voltage and the duration of the pulse (or more precisely, the voltage-time integral) is frequently used to characterise pulse transformers. The bigger and more expensive the transformer, generally, the bigger this merchandise.

Electric and electronic gear was made to work on normal supply voltage When the supply voltage is always too high or too low, (generally more then 55%), the equipment does not function at maximum efficiency A dollar and boost transformer is an easy and efficient means of correcting this off-normal voltage
Smaller and lighter
5-10 times increase in KVA
Many programs, versatile
Lower price

Out of Package Height (in) 14.380
Out of Package Width (in) 10.310
Out of Package Length/Depth (in) 7.130
Out of Package Weight (lbs) 75.000

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