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Expansion Tanks and Accessories 10 Items
Description: An expansion tank is a small tank used for protecting water heating and domestic water systems from excess pressure. The tank is partially filled with air that helps to cushion shock from water hammer. It also helps to absorb excess water pressure from thermal expansion. The modern expansion tank is designed to feature two sections divided by a diaphragm. One section of the tank is connected to the plumbing part of the heating system while the other is completely dry and only has air under pressure. The older style of expansion tank was relatively larger and horizontally oriented. Besides, the tanks did not have a rubber diaphragm separating the air pocket. This model was highly inefficient resulting in replacement with the modern design. The main application of the expansion tank is in the domestic water heating systems. The tank and its diaphragm are designed in conformity to drinking water regulations. Besides, it must be capable of holding the required water volume. In motoring, expansion tanks are used in the cooling system. These tanks are used to help allow coolants and the air in the system to expand in line with the rising pressure and temperature. In vehicle mechanics, the expansion tank is also referred to as coolant recovery tank. When you order for installation of an expansion tank, it is important to also get the right accessories. These include the tank fittings, water filters, and valves. In addition, you should ensure that the expansion tank is installed and tested by a qualified plumber.