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Description: Hooks are mostly made of metal. They are designed as dented or carved to connect, grab onto or attach onto another surface or object. The type and size of a hook depends on its intended application. A hook-and-eye clasp is a two-piece hook used in clothing as a type of button. A lifting hook is used for load grabbing and lifting. It is most popular in the industrial and commercial sector. Some lifting hooks are built as plant vehicles for extreme heavy load lifting. A cabin hook engages into a staple and is used to control door movement. The two types of cabin hooks are toggle latch and pawl. Drapery hooks are used as a decorative finish for hanging drapes in houses and other building. Safety Rescue hooks are mostly found in electrical sub-areas and are used to retrieve electric shock victims.Get the best variety of hooks at MRO Supply today. We have a wide assortment of home hook hardware such as door hooks and magnetic hooks, industrial wall hooks for tools and supplies, and workshop hook hardware for S-hooks and nail-in hooks.
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Flexco 05491 UCM36SL SS
Brand Flexco
Model 05491
$112.59 Each
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Hubbell Wiring 20303001 SCREW HOOK GALV
Brand Hubbell Wiring
Model 20303001
$6.07 Each
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