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Description: A square key stock is a block of metal that is designed as a machine key. It is used for wedging or locking shaft keyways inside a motor or machine, for the transmission of a moment of force. A square key stock is one of the types of tapered keys that have a square end. One side of the key is tapered on the side that engages the hub. Inside the hub, the keyway design has a taper to match that of the square key stock to enable locking of components. The common uses of a square keystock include general maintenance, shop repairs and in new machinery. The square key stock is a necessary component in machines that use a rotating shaft. One advantage of the key is that it facilitates easy assembly and removal. The type of material and size of a square key stock depends on its application and brand. Square key stocks can be found in metric and inch sizes. Get the right square key stock at MRO Supply. We are dedicated to providing a large range of key stocks to support all your metalworking needs so call us today.
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