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Description: A tapered key connects and prevents relative motion between the shaft and the rotating machine element. It also allows the transmission of a moment of force. The tapered key fits into the joint between the keyway of a shaft and the keyseat of a rotating element. A tapered key is only tapered on the hub engagement side. The hub’s keyway is tapered to match the tapered key. Tapered keys can have either a gib or a tab design which makes it easy for disassembling. A gib key’s cut has one end that resembles a gib while the tab key has a square head design. Both designs of tapered keys secure the key and engage the shaft firmly to the hub. A tapered key is mostly used in machines with rotating shafts such as gears, couplings, pulleys and washers. Tapered keys have a tendency to slightly offset the centre of the rotating shaft from the mating counterpart. Shop for the perfect tapered key for your specific application at MRO Supply. We have a wide assortment of tapered keys and keyways in different dimensions and for various diameters for the hub and shaft. .
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