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Description: The Nylon Insert Lock Nut Grade 8 has two notches on each corner, each symmetrically placed. You can also identify it using the marks on the nut’s chamfered surface. It is made from alloy steel and features a yellow zinc finish. The nut has a diameter of 7/8 inches and a thickness of 0.890 inches. At the top of the nut is nylon insert, hence the name. It is also referred to as a self-locking nut owing to the nylon insert that keeps it in place. Also, the locking aspect prevents the nut from loosening as a result of vibrations. This insert lock nut has a thread on the inner part for ease of fastening. Removal is easy, plus any standard tool can remove the nut, and the threads will remain intact. Thanks to its ability to withstand heat, the Nylon Insert Lock Nut Grade 8 is ideal for industrial and automotive use.
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