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Description: As the name suggests, this nut is made from Grade 5 steel. It features a nylon insert that holds the bolt tight and preventing damage to the threads. You can re-use this lock nut even though it loses its holding power with each re-use. Moreover, the nut features a zinc plating providing anti-corrosion protection making the product suitable for use in wet conditions. It is zinc coated and made from grade 5 steel with a right-hand thread style. With this nut, you can fasten industrial machinery parts and equipment as well as in automobiles. The nut also features a hexagonal shape with six sides and has threads running on its inner side. Compared to its bolt, the Grade 5 nylon insert lock nut has a smaller thread. This aspect provides the nut with added grip. Besides, no amount of machine vibration can cause this nut to loosen.
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