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Description: The Wing Nut is also called butterfly nut. It has two metal wings that assist you in tightening or loosening without using tools. The wings project from the nut’s central body. The wingnut is best suited for applications where tightening by hand is always enough. For corrosion resistance, wing nuts have a zinc coating, but other types feature a black ultra-corrosion resistant coating. Both variants remain intact when used in wet applications. They do not rust and are likely to last long. Apart from the zinc-plated steel and zinc-plated iron wing nuts, other varieties include plain iron and metric steel nuts. You can also choose the unthreaded steel wing nuts that allow you to add thread. Where threaded, the wing nut will have any of the three thread types i.e., UNC, UNF, and metric. A brief description of each follows: • UNC – denotes unified coarse pitch threads • UNF – stands for unified fine-pitch threads • Metric – ordinary threads l
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