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Description: If you live in an old house or use an old facility (probably built before the 1960s), the chances are that the air conditioning system uses electric baseboard heating. But it is also possible to find the heating system in modern homes because of associated benefits such as requiring limited space, ease of installation, and being inconspicuous.Most electric baseboard heaters operate within the range of 500-2000 watts and can be used for whole-house heating or supplementing other air conditioning systems.Electric baseboard heaters are zone heaters that are mostly installed underneath to heat the air that counteracts the cool breeze from outside. They are controlled by thermostats, heating elements, and aluminum fans that facilitate fast heat transfer. Using convection, cool air is drawn to the bottom, heated, and released to circulate into the house. Some heat also directly radiates from the heating element directly into the room. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the electric baseboard heaters are properly positioned for higher efficiency. Visit our page to see the available electric baseboard heaters.
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