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Description: Dehumidifiers are the opposite of humidifiers. They are air conditioning equipment designed to help reduce excess moisture from the atmosphere of a room. They are very important in facilities that need to maintain the air at specific humidity level. For example, dump air can result to formation of mildew and molds that are dangerous especially in food processing industries. Dehumidifiers help to prevent the formation of dust mites and reduce allergic reactions.A dehumidifier operates by drawing the humid air through cold coils that condense it into a liquid before removing it via a drain pipe. Then, dry air is passed on warm coils that heat it before being pumped into the room. Dehumidifiers use an instrument referred to as dehumidistat. This instrument turns the unit on and off based on the level of moisture it detects on the air. Because dehumidifiers are available in varying sizes and models, visit our page to select the one that best suits your dehumidification needs.
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