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Description: When working in industrial settings, it is a requirement to ensure that the environment is conducive for workers. Humidifiers are humidity control equipment designed to help add moisture to environments with dry air. If your facility has dry air, it can cause discomforts such as dry nose, lips, and throat.The most common version of a humidifier is the steam design, which is also referred to as a vaporizer. It works by boiling water and releasing the steam into the room to be heated. It is important to be careful when using the steam model to avoid the risk of burns.Another common design is the impeller humidifiers. This vaporizer uses discs that rotate water at high speed and break it into fine droplets that are released into the air. The water droplets are seen as cool fog when leaving the humidifier. This model is preferred in many facilities because it is less risky and energy-efficient. Other common types of humidifiers include ultrasound and evaporative models.
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