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Description: We all look forward to summer and head outdoors to get suntanned, right? But, you do not have to wait for summer to get a suntan. Instead, you can use a tanning booth to get the lovely bronze outlook on your skin all year round. UV & Tanning Ballast are used with lamps referred to as tanning tubes (Europe) or tanning lamps (in the US), which are used to generate UV radiation that helps to produce UV radiation for skin tanning. In most cases, the tanning bulbs are part of tanning beds or booths. UV & Tanning Ballasts can be categorized into several categories. The commonest models are the 250-4000 watts designs. These ballasts work together with high-pressure lamps using quartz glass that does not filter UV. Another type of ballast that you should consider is the electronic instant start ballasts. They require less maintenance because you do not need to keep replacing the starter.
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Fulham FEP-210-600-L SunHorse - 210V - for UV & T12 HO
Brand Fulham Lighting
Model FEP-210-600-L
Fulham FEP-230-600-L SunHorse - 230V - for UV & T12 HO
Brand Fulham Lighting
Model FEP-230-600-L
$68.12 Each
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Fulham FEP-120-600-L SunHorse - 120V - for UV & T12 HO
Brand Fulham Lighting
Model FEP-120-600-L
$61.29 Each
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