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Description: Have you ever walked into a lawn at night and got amazed by carefully positioned and controlled lighting? These are referred to as landscape lighting. They are low voltage lamps designed to illuminate your landscape and give it a lovely allure especially at night. The landscape lighting mainly use stepped down power from the house. A closer look at landscape lighting will reveal it includes the following components. One, a transformer that steps down power from about 120 volts to only 12 volts, which is considered safe. This is crucial to reduce the danger of electric shock for the people and pets using outdoor environments.Landscape lighting also includes bulbs that determine the brightness and beam width. Here, you need to be creative when selecting the bulbs. What color do you want? The bulbs also need to be protected by fixture housing. The fixtures can be installed on the floor, in a tree, on a wall, or other points depending on the nature of your landscape. Visit our page to see the different landscape lighting and the effects they will have on your landscape.
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