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Description: Metal fabrication machines are types of machines designed to cut, form, machine, punch, and fold metals among other actions. One of the common metal fabrication machines is the waterjet. Water jets provide a highly reliable method of cutting metal. The industrial machine tools use water and an abrasive substance that makes it possible to cut virtually everything; from carbon steel to copper. They use water pumps that push water at blazing speeds of more than 50hp and release it through a head (nozzle) to cut your material. The press brakes are considered the strongest and sturdiest metal fabrication machines. They work by securing the workplace on a bed and descending on it to bend it to the preferred degree. Metal fabricated using press brakes include steel, sheet metal, and aluminum. Press brakes can either be mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, or servo-electric. Other types of metal fabrication machines include shears and plasma systems. Visit our facility to see the available metal fabrication machines and select your preferred option.
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