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Description: Metal forming machines fabricate strips of metal to create specific shapes. These machines include hydraulic plate rolls, slip rolls, combination shear and brake and Box & pan brake foot clamp to mention a few. The machines use either sheet forming or bulk-forming processes to make the finished products.In bulk-forming, the machinery uses processes such as rolling where the piece of metal (workpiece) is passed via one or more rolls to reduce its thickness. The machines can also use compression. Another common forming process in bulk-forming is forging. In this case, the metal forming machine uses punches to shape the workpiece into a finished product. Other forming methods include extrusion and rod drawing.In the second type of forming, sheet forming, the machines mainly use shearing. This involves metal forming processes similar to spinning. Some of the metal items designed using shearing include dish aerials, rocket noses, and gas turbines. To see the full list of metal forming machines, visit our page.
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