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Description: Basket trucks are designed for industrial use to help carry loads around the workshop or warehouse. Depending on the type, you can take both light and heavy loads. Besides, it does not matter whether the item is dry or wet; the basket truck will do the task. Basket trucks come in a range of colors, load capacities, and sizes. For instance, cube trucks feature hinged lids and are most suited for carrying contents that may produce an unpleasant smell or needs to be covered. For heavy loads, tilt trucks come highly recommended, while mesh-sided or canvas basket trucks are ideal for laundry and mail. You could also opt for the vinyl-lined trolleys for carrying wet linen straight from your laundry extractor. Collapsible basket trucks come with an added advantage; you can store the unit in a narrow space. All basket truck categories have trolley wheels for ease of movement. All you must do is push or pull the carrier and maneuvering around busy job sites. Get the best selection of basket trucks and other supplies at MRO Supply. We have a wide assortment of MRO industrial tools and products to fit any application.
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