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  • BRAND: R&B Wire
  • SKU: 5028691
  • MODEL: 4606HLW

R&B Wire 4606HLW Hinged Poly Cover to fit 6 Bushel Vinyl and Poly Trucks White

$66.50 Each


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  • Weight: 9.5 lb
  • UOM: EA

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Additional Description

Designed specifically to fit R&B Wire's 6 Bushel Vinyl Basket Trucks and Poly Trucks, this sturdy hinged heavy-duty poly lids offers excellent protection for either poly or bushel truck contents. Features a center opening stainless steel hinge that allows you to load or unload without having to remove the lid. Simply raise the lid from either end of the truck, toss in the laundry or other contents and simply close the lid - it's that easy! Fits the 6 bushel vinyl basket trucks (w/out bumper) and 6 bushel poly trucks - 406SO, 406SO/ANTI, 406KD, 406KD/ANTI, and 4606, 4606BL, 4606BLR, 466PT.

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