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Description: In industrial facilities, efficient flow of materials is crucial for high production. One of the top options for moving materials is using cube trucks. Cube trucks are types of trucks designed with an open container to make moving materials easy and efficient. The cube trucks are designed with two main parts; the material holding container and wheels. The containers are deep and take the form of an open box/ cube. They are mainly constructed using hardened plastic to make the truck light and cleaning easy. Cube trucks also feature four caster wheels on every corner. The flexible wheels are firm and will easily carry the weight loaded in the container. The flexible wheels also make it easy for the truck to move even corners when moving materials from one point of the production line to another. For industries that use colors for sorting or identifying materials, cube bins are available in different colors such as red, blue, yellow, and black. Check our page to see the cubes design, sizes, and colors.
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