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Description: Below the hook lifters are special components that act as the connection point between a crane and the materials being lifted. If the items/ materials being lifted are heavy, one of the recommended methods of lifting them is below-the-hook lifting magnets. These are lifting devices recommended for raising sensitive materials, especially where scratches are undesirable. The lifting magnets are designed with materials such as rare earth neodymium magnetic that can hold the items being lifted from the resting position to the target destination. Besides, some below-the-hook lifting magnets can also be electromagnets. Although the magnets are recommended for lifting delicate materials, it is important to only use them with medium to light loads. When purchasing the below-the-hook lifting magnets, it is important to understand the nature of load. Only the loads made using ferrous materials should be handled with the lifting magnets. Visit our facility to see the different types of below-the-hook magnets that you consider order for your facility.
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