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Description: Manholes in the city, industrial facilities or even at home can be difficult to open. To protect the components such as wires, network lines, and cables or make it difficult for unauthorized people to open, most manholes covers are designed without handles. To remove the covers, the best method is using cover lifters.Because most manhole covers are designed with metal, they can easily be removed using magnetic lifters. The cover lifter magnet is fitted on a dolly and connected to a lever with long handle on one end. When the magnet is positioned well on the manhole cover, it holds it firmly and lifts it up when the handle is pressed down. Manhole covers lifters are preferred because they are easy and safe to use. They eliminate the danger of suffering from back problems when using pry bars. Note that the dolly that serves as the lever is collapsible and the lever can be moved to increase the force needed to lift manhole covers. Check our site to select the manhole cover lifters that fit your facility.
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